Complementary Services

Synrgix was founded and built on the concept of being a one-stop shop and a complete solution for our clients. So we naturally sought and partnered with like-minded industry thought leaders and experts to help us support corporations in their inorganic growth journey.

This carefully selected network of service providers includes experts specialized in key process areas to M&A success such as legal, human capital, finance, taxation and RWI are available at every stage to guarantee our client’s success. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner

Strategy Planning

Get assistance in capturing your strategy in Synrgix's framework for consistent and accurate pipeline management

Due diligence and Closing

Get help in covering all aspects of due diligence to avoid any future surprises

Post-merger Integration

Integrate target based on the deal vision and identified risks and opportunities

Finance and Taxation

Finance and tax experts assist you in valuation, deal structure, etc.

HR and Administration

Cover people side of things both administrative and strategic

Legal and Compliance

Ensure all legal and compliance aspects of the deal are handled properly.

Program and Project Management

Get help with the programs and project management as execution is key in the success of an acquisition.

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